On nems, motorbike and birthday in Hanoi

The drive from the hotel to Haneda airport is less than 20 minutes and before 6h30 we were queuing for check-in. At exactly 6h30 the staff of ANA  had their little ceremony before opening the counter and then the check-in started. The staff in general were really nice and helpful.

We arrived in Hanoi on the 8th of November after 6 hours or so flight from Tokyo. Exiting the airport, I  saw right away the man holding the sign with my husband’s name on it. Our hotel has sent someone to pick us up from the airport.

The hotel is located at the old quarter, where every nook and corner has shops and restaurant. The alley to our hotel is lined with vendors where everything looks so delicious.

It was rare that I take pictures of what we eat and when I wanted to, my phone would be no where in sight. Hence, no picture of the first lunch of Karen which was evidently, a plate of nems.

A Vietnamese story

We became Vietnam dish lovers because of my friend, Jenna. A Vietnamese -American who is married to Tony, an Italian-Swiss. Both are in Geneva and we are their absent quasi neighbor for some weeks now. They moved into our neighborhood. Yey! Anyway, she introduced us to Pho and nems.

Her mom, who visited them, some years ago, taught me how to prepare summer rolls and its peanut sauce. And up to this day, I am so grateful to her for sharing that knowledge.

This is Us

After Japan, my husband and I decided to take it really easy. And as Karen’s birthday approach, we let her decide what to do. So, no boats or anymore bus for the time being. Just nems, mangoes and dim sum.Great!

I have never seen so many motorbikes in my life. The street here is filled with them and parked in front of of restos and shops. Crossing the street with my girls, was not an easy task.

We arrived the week when there was a festival called #INSPIREme Festival 2018. Everyday, there was a program and live music.

After two nights in this hotel, we booked another one in the french quarter.

We were able to watch the the water puppet show and bought our tickets the day before to avoid long queuing. Yet, there was a tourist group before us and the line was in state of complete disorder and confusion. Hats off to the cashier.

Our eldest daughter, Karen turned 11 (11.11.18) while here in Hanoi. We went to a restaurant for her bday dinner and later have the cake at the apartment.

She didn’t want to blow the cake in the resto and preferred to have it quiet with only her family .

As we prepared her cake, she got a WhatsApp call from her friends. I was really glad and thankful to Alessia, the mother of her friend, Diana,who initiated the call. Karen was able to talk to her other two friends as well. That made her day.

On our way to the airport, amidst the passing vehicles this wall captured my interest.

This long wall could take your mind away from the traffic for a few minutes and that’s a good thing.

Our flight for Bangkok was at 10h35. We were glad for the chance to visit Hanoi and would have wanted to stay longer, to be able to explore more. See you again, Hanoi!

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